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Sue Stevens Aesthetics

Plasma Arc Treatment

Eyelid tightening using plasma (or an electronically generated electrical discharge) is the new frontier in aesthetics. This type of localised skin tightening has been extensively performed on both upper and lower eyelid. Plasma Arc is a revolutionary innovation in aesthetic which allow the aesthetic practitioner to achieve outstanding results.

Using this new plasma pen device, we're now able to provide safe & effective treatments for a range of conditions:

Skin tightening: upper and lower eyelids, soft facelift, throat and tummy lift

Wrinkle / uneven surface reduction: e.g. smoker's lines, frown lines, forehead lines, nasolabial folds

Pigmentation reduction: e.g. age/sun spots, liver spots, moles

Scar reduction/improvement

Removal / correction of permanent make-up, skin tags and small tattoos

Before we complete any plasma arc treatment, we will always carry out a full consultation with clients. Ultimately, we want to make sure that this will be safe for you.

We clean the areas to be treated & then apply local anaesthetic to those areas for around 30 minutes beforehand.

The actual treatment time is affected by the areas bring treated:

Skin pigmentation: 15-20 mins per area

Skin tightening / wrinkle reduction: up to 60 mins per area

Skin tags / mole removal: 10 mins per area

With skin tightening, a pattern of brown 'dots' is left on the skin, where the skin has already begun tightening & where it will continue to do so for up to the following three months. These gradually dry & fall away over the course of 7-10 days after having treatment.

With skin pigmentation, skin tags & mole removal, the treated skin appears darker, but this too gradually dries & clears, leaving intact, naturally-coloured, flattened skin.

Aftercare products are provided to keep the skin dry & protected during the healing process