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Sue Stevens Aesthetics

Botulinum Toxin

(Botox®, Bocouture®)

Crows Feet


Glabella (between eyebrows)


Crows Feet & Glabella


Forehead & Glabella


Crows Feet & Glabella & Forehead




From £250

Dermal Filler

(Juvaderm Ultra®)*

1st Syringe


Each subsequent syringe


Juvaderm Voluma®

(Restores volume to cheeks or chin areas)

From £240

Call for prices

Juvaderm Hydrate®

(Deep hydration to face, neck, décolletage and hands)

From £180

Call for prices

Juvaderm Volbella®

(For lips and peri oral areas)


Genuine Dermaroller ™

One Treatment


Three Treatments


PDO Threads


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